Life Balance

Life Balance is an easy-to-use portable bioresonance treatment device designed to effectively get rid of parasites, cleanse the body of toxins and prevent many diseases. Life Balance generates
treatments based on the test results developed by Life Expert (profi) devices.
With the help of electromagnetic waves, which coincide in their frequency with their own oscillations of microorganisms, the device influences the pathogenic microorganisms in our body, and destroys them, strengthening these oscillations
About 150 different types of parasites can release toxins every minute, poison your health, jeopardise your immunity, cause allergies, headaches and frequent colds
The device has 2 built-in antennas: antiparasitic and harmonizing. By emitting electromagnetic waves, Life Balance resonates with the frequency of parasites, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and eliminates the toxins they release
Absolute contraindications
Contraindications and use limitations
• Do not use if you have an implantable pacemaker
• Do not use if you have any transplanted organs
• Benign and malignant neoplasms
• Blood clotting disorder
• Severe cerebral and coronary circulatory disorders
• Pregnancy (first trimester)
• Epilepsy
• Individual intolerance to electromagnetic interference
• Mental illnesses
• Children under one year old under strict medical supervision
Relative Contrindictions
Features and characteristics
  • 35 built-in antiparasitic programs
  • 1 recovery program (universal program for fatigue relief and normalization of body's protective functions)
  • 35 regulatory and harmonisation programmes
  • Radius of action up to 1.5 m
  • Operating frequency range of 0.1Hz - 100 KHz
  • Frequency setting step: 0.01 Hz
  • Number of internal antennas - emitters - 2 pcs., operating at carrier frequencies 27MHz and 10 KHz
  • Programming the device in complexes without a programmer via a standard USB cable
  • Manual adjustment of the signal level;
  • Colour screen with multi-language menu.
  • Power supply: Li-Ion battery; continuous operation time is regulated by the choice of the radiation intensity level of the device and is 3-8 hours.
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Portable easy-to-use Life Balance bioresonance treatment device will help you effectively cleanse the body from parasites and fungi
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