Life Expert Profi

Life Expert Profi is a diagnostic device that performs rapid testing and has a special module for doctors and physicians
This bioresonance device was designed specifically for doctors, however people without medical training can use most of the functions of Life Expert Profi
Life Expert Profi is intended to help naturopathic, preventive and alternative medicine doctors to complement the set of treatments they offer their patients as this device works according to the principles of electroacupuncture, tests food intolerance, tests drugs and their effects on the human body, selects a suitable, healthy diet, conducts contact bioresonance therapy (BRT), Vega test and electropuncture by Schimmel. Vega resonance testing by Schimmel method
Also, traditional medicine doctors, who are open to incorporate new technologies in their practice, can run fast body analyses, including all organs and systems, as well as the level of toxins and parasites in the body. People without medical education who want to use Life Expert Profi for themselves and their families can also conduct useful test within zodiac, sports diets, diet navigator areas or simply conduct bioresonance therapy
We recommend that you use Life Expert Profi in combination with Life Balance device. Thus, after running a test, you can upload an individual complex to your Life Balance device based on the results of your body diagnosis. This will allow you to benefit from complex tailored programmes that will precisely tackle your most pressing health issues
Life Expert Profi features
  • Vegeto-resonance testing (VRT)
  • Specialist's Guide - list of human pathological changes with a base of algorithms for conducting research
  • Express testing
  • Drugs and vitamin supplements category selection
  • The examiners' chart with a file before and after running the test
  • Electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV test)
  • Bioresonance therapy (meridian resonance therapy)
  • Selector base consisting of more than 35000 test nosodes for bioresonance scanning
  • Singular self-improvement tool
  • Automatic composition of programmes for bioresonance therapy devices based on test results
  • Folle method
  • Selection of individual scheme of body correction
  • Monitoring of the correction process

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The cost of each test is 0.50 euro. When you buy Life Expert Profi 100 tests are automatically included in the price. In Premium package with Life Balance device, 400 tests are included in the price
The software system for doctors has a monthly subscription fee of 50 euros for unlimited use. When buying Life Expert Profi, one month is included in the price. In the Premium package with Life Balance device, a subscription for 4 months is already included in the price. This way you will receive all software application updates for free
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