Life Transfer

Life Transfer is an active reprinter device
designed for homeopatic energy transfer (re-recording) of medicinal properties of various mixtures (homeopathic drugs, nosodes, organ preparations, toxins, etc.) from ampoules and homeopathic croupules on various carriers
The concept of energy information transfer of properties of various homeopathic preparations (nosodes, organ-specific and classic homeopathic remedies) means the process of their copying (rewriting) to various inert media with the help of special technical devices
Transfer or copying of information from medicines used in electropoint diagnostics and R. Voll therapy is a private matter of the broader scientific problem of drug testing. Substances used to copy the properties of original medicines can be distilled water, physiological solution, 40% alcohol, 20% glycerin solution, homeopathic croup, human blood or plasma, milk sugar, wax, metals (e.g. aluminium).
The fact that water has memory of various chemical and physical (energetic) influences and can be a kind of information carrier has recently gained increasing recognition in the scientific world

The possibility of energy and information transfer of medication properties in different dosages allows a new approach to the technology of homeopathic preparations. In this case, any drug in any dosage can be easily and quickly obtained and stored in any form for a long time

Thus, the doctor does not need to keep a large set of drugs, as the device active printer "Life Transfer" will allow to get a continuous series of dosages according to the initial forms of homeopathic drugs
Of great interest in this respect are the findings of Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, who showed that even after a complete chemical purification of water from the harmful impurities contained in it (heavy metals, nitrates, bacteria) including double distillation, it retains information about these substances in the form of electromagnetic waves. These vibrations can be recorded spectroscopically and, depending on the frequency, may be beneficial or harmful to the organism
Our device is an active printer. The active printer differs from the passive printer in that the passive rewrites 1:1, and the active printer with an amplification of 1 to 60, which allows you to change the dosage of the drug from 1 to 8 amps
An active printer allows you to prepare a direct and inverse copy of drugs. Our printer is a fundamentally new development, as it uses the principle of protection of the doctor from the electromagnetic field, which inevitably arises during the transfer process
energy information properties of medicines and for a certain period can lead to the appearance of "information disease" in the latter. Thus Life Transfer is safe for the operator

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The repeater active is intended to operate at temperature ranging from +10º C to +35º C that corresponds to devices of climatic execution of UHL of category 4.2 on stability and climatic influences according to GOST 15150-69
Device operation mode - automatic
Power - low voltage USB (+5V) port of the computer
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