Life Balance 2.0

An improved model of Life Balance treatment device. The device of the future, which is already with us now! An Innovative wellness portable user friendly device, which embodied the state-of-the-art technology available in the market
The device is now controlled by touching the screen. Life Balance generates
treatments based on the test results developed by Life Expert (profi) devices. Life Balance 2.0 is meant to get rid of parasites, cleanse the body of toxins and prevent many diseases
With Bluetooth, you can control the device via mobile app, so you can see all information about the status of the device from your smart phone

The application stores all session history, time and status. For the convenience of the elderly or visually impaired, the app can make voice announcements or give melodic tones
Features and characteristics
  • 300 basic programmes :
  • 100 programs to prevent parasitic infections
  • 100 harmonizing programmes
  • 100 recovery programs
  • Equipped with two antennas (anti-parasitic and harmonising
  • It has a deviation system (frequency shifts by several percentage tiers, preventing mutating parasitic infections from adapting and thus eliminating them)

Detailed instruction →
The basic program included in the standard package can be upgraded into exclusive complexes designed by the manufacturer, expanding the total available programs to 600
Life Balance 2.0 is connected to WebWellness software system through the mobile app and the Internet, therefore new programs can automatically or manually be downloaded into the device (up to 100 programmes with a total length of 3600 minutes)
Life Balance 2.0 is the most advanced bioresonance treatment device in
the market, embodying state-of-the-art wellness technologies
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