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Our mission is to inspire people to take responsibility for their health by offering them the knowledge and a set of innovative devices based on Bioresonance technology

It is time to leave behind conventional, ineffective and costly treatments to deal with common health issues.
Bioresonance technology is the tool you need to take full responsibility for your Health! It can be used by doctors and people without medical education at home.
We offer you a set of innovative wellness devices that embody the most advanced bioresonance technology to provide you with a natural therapy that uses one's own electromagnetic vibrations to prevent and overcome the most common health related issues.

Health is a basic human need without which we cannot be happy, enjoy a fulfilling life with our family or pursue our dreams.
Enviromental factors suchs as pollution, work-life imbalance or unhealthy diets along with toxins and parasites that daily attack our bodies jeopardise our well-being.
We offer you easy-to-use portable innovative wellness devices to provide you with a natural bioresonance therapy to tackle the impact modern lifestyle has on your health.
Bioresonance Therapy Device
I would like to bring to your attention the 70 programmes available by default into Life Balance device: 35 antiparasitic and 35 harmonizing complexes!

And this is just a small part of the programmes available! The purchase of Life Balance includes free of cost the access to 3,000 additional programmes for any Health-related eventuality. You can download any of the additional programme into your Life Balance device in very user-friendly way.
Bioresonance Therapy Device
Some of the 70 programs that are already loaded into the Life Balance device
Bioresonance Device
Home web-clinic bioresonance package is made up of two devices:
  1. Life Expert Profi is a diagnosis tool. It can generate a Health status report in just 1 minute!
  2. Life Balance is a treatment tool with 70 programmes. You can tailor your treatment to your needs based on your Health status report. Additionally, you will have access to 3,000 different programmes, which will help to deal with any disease.
Therefore, with the web- clinic bioresonance package you be responsible of your own Health condition at anytime and anywhere without depending on conventional medicine and pharmaceutical companies' interest.
Bioresonance Device
How Life Expert Profi & Life Balance devices work together
How can our Bioresonance innovative devices make your pain go away?

Prevent and treat stress, insomnia, headache, allergy or digestive problems
47 organs and body systems health diagnosis in one minute
A easy-to-use, portable diagnostician and doctor always with you
Saving time and money on costly and ineffective medications and tests
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