What is Bioresonance and Vega Testing. The Complete Guide.

What is vega testing? How vega machines work? What diseases and allergies they can detect? And why people increasingly prefer bioresonance in the fight for their health.

What is Bioresonance and Vega Testing.
The Complete Guide.

What is vega testing? How do vega machines work? What diseases and allergies they can detect? And why people increasingly prefer bioresonance in the fight for their health.
Vega testing (also known as bioresonance scanning) is a technique that has recently appeared in the arsenal of specialists and has already received thousands of positive reviews.

This is understandable: numerous trips to doctors and taking tests to check your health require a lot of time and money, while Vega testing makes it possible to assess the state of the body in one procedure comprehensively.

In this article, we will discover what is vega testing, how does it work, what diseases it detects, how diagnostics are carried out, and its key differences from other methods.

What is a Vega testing?

Vega Testing is an electropuncture diagnostic that allows you to examine the body as a whole and identify deviations in the functioning of individual organs.

The method was developed in 1978 by the scientist H. Schimmel, who took the method of electroacupuncture according to Reinhold Voll and the principles of functional diagnostics according to Schmitt. Vega-test refers to the Bioresonance technology tools. In more detail, we talk about this in our article "Bioresonance": what is it, and how will it help to live longer?"

During the bioresonance scanning, acupuncture points are affected by a vega testing machine, which measures the electromagnetic vibrations of the cells of organs and body systems. Based on the measurements, the vega test concludes which systems have deviations from the norm and to what extent.

Vega testing practitioner pace the sensors to a specific bioactive point on the body. The test lasts 1-3 minutes and as a result, you get a comprehensive report about the health of 47 organs and body systems. Vega testing is a fast and affordable method with a single measurement point, unlike the original Voll method, which considers 500-1000 biologically active points.

The first devices for Bioresonance diagnostics were produced by the German company VEGA, so the study was called the Vega machine. The technique is also called bioresonance scanning.

A bit of physics: how the Vega test works?

Vega testing is based on the fundamental property of a living organism — the ability of all cells, tissues, and organs to emit electromagnetic waves. In a healthy body, all fluctuations are within the normal range; in illness, harmony is disturbed, and fluctuations change their values.

Vega machines measure the electromagnetic oscillations of cells and identify which of them differ from the reference values. Deviations from the norm show what pathological processes are in the body, which organs are damaged, and to what extent.

Also, vega machines detect vibrations of pathogenic organisms: parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Based on measurements, the device can accurately determine the type of microorganisms and their location in the body.

Modern Bioresonance vega machines, such as Life Expert Profi by WebWellness, are portable devices with artificial intelligence and cloud data processing servers. The devices allow assessing the state of 47 organs and systems of the body by 35,000 indicators. And just in a few minutes to provide a detailed visual report on the state of the organs and systems of the body.

Based on the health report the Vega testing practitioner or Software (depending on the bioresonance device used) creates a complex for Bioresonance therapy, which is compiled using Bioresonance therapy devices.

Vega machine Life Expert Profi

What vega test is capable of?

Vega testing is a unique method that can accurately determine the violations of the organs and systems of the body. The best known is the Vega test for parasites, viral and bacterial infections. Diagnostics show which specific parasites are present in the body and which organs and tissues they are located. However, parasite testing is only one of the dozens of uses for the instrument.

Vega testing machines can detect problems such as:

  • food intolerance, allergic reactions;
  • early stages of diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, urinary systems
  • neurological disorders;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • deficiency of vitamins and minerals;
  • the state of the immune system;
  • biological age and adaptive reserve

Another important direction of the Vega test is the determination of the biocompatibility of materials, i.e., their ability to penetrate/integrate into the patient's body without adverse reactions and rejection. This technique has found application in dentistry in selecting compositions for filling and prosthetics of teeth.

Also, Vega testing is used to safely determine drug tolerance, which is especially important for allergic patients.

The physician introduces the test substance and observes the oscillation parameters to check patient-device biocompatibility. If the electromagnetic spectrum does not change, then the selected material is not allergenic to the body.

How to do vega testing?

There are 2 options for performing the Vega test: in the clinic and at home.

The study in the clinic takes place as a regular medical appointment. The doctor learns about complaints and well-being, after which he uses a bioresonance scanner (vega testing machine): he applies a sensor to the skin at a bioactive point and takes a measurement. The procedure is entirely painless. At the time of diagnosis, the patient does not feel anything. Based on the measurement results, the doctor will be able to assess the condition of the organs and systems of the body and select programs for bioresonance therapy.

Today Vega Test can be carried out at home. At home biorsonance testing is a simplified method in which the device's artificial intelligence plays the role of a doctor. The study does not replace a full diagnosis by a doctor, but it makes it possible to quickly and safely scan the body for pathologies.

Bioresonance scanning devices for home use, such as Life Expert Profi by WebWellness, have a user-friendly interface; most of their functions are apparent to the average user without medical education. With their help, a person independently conducts Nutritional testing of the Vega test, determines organ malfunctions, checks the state of the immune system, and many other body functions.
Vega machine Life Expert Profi by WebWellness

How much does a vega test cost?

The price of one vega testing session in USA ranges from 80$ per session. The cost depends on the device used and the experience of the vega testing practitioner. However, clinics often unreasonably raise their prices, especially in large cities.

Prices are lower than the cost of a full health check-up, but we are talking about only one procedure. It is vital to test the body regularly to monitor the body's work and monitor the treatment results.

Therefore, buying a vega machine for home use is more profitable. For example, a modern bioresonance scanning device, Life Expert Profi, will fully pay for itself in 11-15 tests. The device's functionality allows you to create separate profiles and report for different patients. Thanks to this, you can test the health status and the course of treatment of several family members. With regular use of the device throughout the year, the benefit is more than 1000%.

Read more about portable bioresonance devices and their health benefits in our article.

Is vega testing reliable and Why is it preferred over other diagnostic methods?

  • Early diagnosis. Vega testing detects pathologies before the preclinical stage – this is when negative changes have already begun in the body. Still, there are no symptoms yet, and the person is unaware of his disease

  • Security. Vega machines emit the same vibrations as the body's own cells, so they do no harm. This Vega test is strikingly different from the radiation examination methods when the body is exposed to radio waves.

  • Non-invasive. To conduct the test, you do not need to take blood, insert an endoscope into the body cavity, or carry out other unpleasant and even painful methods. Therefore, the study is well tolerated by patients of any age; it is used without problems in young children.

  • Treatment selection. According to the test results, the device offers bioresonance therapy programs suitable for a particular patient, restoring vibrational harmony and eliminating pathological processes.

  • Availability. Vega test prices are several times lower than a comprehensive health check in a hospital. In addition, one Vega machine is enough for the whole family - this is a significant saving on visiting doctors and taking tests.

Vega testing : reviews of doctors and patients

The Vega testing method is actively discussed in scientific circles, and more and more specialists recognize its effectiveness. Positive feedback about the Vega test is based on its safety, evidence-based, and practical benefits.

In the medical literature, doctors mention the advantages and experience of bioresonance diagnostics in psychosomatic diseases, parasitic infestations, ENT diseases, and other diseases.

Patients who have learned the Vega test and tested its effect on themselves also respond positively to the technique. Of the main advantages, people call the absence of harm to the body a quick and understandable diagnostic program, the ability to quickly and comprehensively obtain information about the state of the body.

There are also negative reviews about the Vega method. Basically, they are left by people of conservative views: doctors who do not represent the use of the Vega test in their practice and patients who have not fully understood the principle of the method and its scientific foundations.

To read Bioresonance reviews check out our article "Reviews about bioresonance therapy. My personal story and results."

Summing up

The Vega testig is an officially recognized and proven method of comprehensive diagnostics of the body. With its help, you will be able to monitor health indicators, identify pathologies in time and cope with them until the initial violations develop into serious illnesses.

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