Bioresonance: what is it and how will it help you to live longer?

Bioresonance method is an innovative method that helps to determine the source of a health problem and effectively impact the causes of the development of pathogenic processes.

Bioresonance: what is it and how will it help you to live longer?

Bioresonance is an innovative method for diagnosing and treating diseases, based on a spectral analysis of body fields, identifying deviations from reference values and obtaining therapeutic effects due to frequency impact on damaged cells as well as pathogenic organisms.

Bioresonance is used by doctors and patients around the world to fight chronic diseases, functional disorders, viruses, and parasites.

From this article you will learn:

What is the Bioresonance method?
What makes its methodology unique?
Scientific base for bioresonance technique
What can bioresonance diagnostics show?
What effect to expect from bioresonance therapy?
Advantages of bioresonance over traditional methods

What is the Bioresonance method?

The bioresonance method is one of the most recent advances in physiotherapy, yet it has a nearly 100-year history. Back in the 1930s, research conducted at Yale University (USA) proved that all human organs and tissues radiate an electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic biofield of cells changes with the emergence of pathogenic processes, such as viruses, bacteria, allergic responses, and intoxication.

Scientists have advanced in their research and found that the biofield can be affected by electromagnetic radiation, which allows you to return damaged cells to healthy vibrations and specifically destroy pathogenic microorganisms (parasites, viruses, fungi, bacteria). That is what the Bioresonance method is based on.

Unique properties of bioresonance

The uniqueness of the bioresonance technique lies in a comprehensive multi-stage examination process to determine the source of a health problem as well as how to have an impact on the causes of the development of pathogenic processes.

When employing bioresonance, healthy cells and tissues of the body are not subjected to negative effects. In fact, favourable results can already be seen after the first treatment, particularly when parasites are removed.

Bioresonance diagnosis and therapy are performed using bioresonance machines. Modern BRT devices feature modern software, are compact and portable in form, allow for testing at home, and allow any user to conduct therapy without interfering with everyday activities.

Well, that's not all! Modern portable bioresonance devices allow users not only to find damaged cells and eliminate parasites, but also to create homoeopathic preparations or facilitate the selection of the best foods, vitamins, and medicines. Bioresonance therapy supports skin care for both the face and body and also assists in the treatment of pets.

Scientific base of bioresonance method

Bioresonance has been used to diagnose illnesses and balance organ function for over 30 years. The method, which is extensively utilised across the world, has a lengthy history. Back in the late 1800s, the eminent physiologist Vvedensky made a significant discovery: he discovered a link between the rhythm of cell vibrations and electrical impact, which led him to assume that this discovery may be employed for medicinal reasons.

Since then, the technique has developed rapidly and, in 1953, German physician and scientist Reinhold Voll was able to combine the methods of Chinese acupuncture and electromagnetic diagnostics.

Bioresonance methods are now advancing at a rapid pace. It has shown to be helpful since it has assisted over a thousand people from all over the world in improving their health and curing chronic ailments.

What health benefits do bioresonance testing show?

Bioresonance testing brings the opportunity to obtain the most detailed information about the current health state of the body.

The bioresonance scanning device (also known as the vega testing machine) may do general body testing, such as diagnosing parasites and diseases, determining allergies, and selecting meals that are best absorbed by the body.

How does the process of bioresonance diagnostics work?

Bioresonance scanning devices capture and fix the length of waves emitted by cells. Next, this information is assessed by comparing such an indicator with reference values from a large data set.

The artificial intelligence algorithm of bioresonance devices allows for the analysis of hundreds of parameters, allowing for the diagnosis of illnesses to be highly accurate and thorough, even at an early stage. The test result is a complete visual report on the body's health that is intelligible to both physicians and non-medical users.

Bioresonance testing can be completed by using our devices, whether at home or under a doctor's supervision at a clinic.
Bioresonance scanning Device Life Expert Profi

What effect to expect from bioresonance therapy

Any disease in the human body develops from cell damage. Bioresonance therapy is able to influence the functioning of body cells and eliminate pathogenic bacteria, which are often the causes of chronic diseases and functional disorders.

Bioresonance therapy device uses electromagnetic radiation to work on cells, restoring the vibrations of the afflicted cells to normal. Different frequency effects also impact parasites, producing shell rupture and, as a result, parasite elimination.

Thus, at home, the patient can comfortably cleanse and correct the work of his own body.
The range of bioresonance therapeutic complexes covers a wide range of diseases that have arisen per region:

• Respiratory organs
• Digestive system
• Cardiovascular and immune systems
• Endocrine system
• Nervous system
• Genitourinary system
• Women's health
• Skin diseases
• Musculoskeletal system

Bioresonance therapy can not only treat illnesses but also eliminate parasites, viruses, and germs. It is also useful for maintaining health and preventing the development of genetic illnesses.

Benefits of bioresonance

When used in tandem, Bioresonance devices allow you to conduct a complete examination of the body and treat a wide range of diseases at home, allowing you to quickly and effectively improve the health of all family members while significantly reducing the cost and time spent on expensive and time-consuming tests and doctor visits.

Bioresonance therapy is suitable for those who are looking for holistic methods of solving health imbalances. It is the type of customers who believe in the need to tackle the cause of diseases, and not their symptoms.

The high safety and efficiency of the method make it suitable for the diagnosis and treatment of all population categories: from children to elderly patients.

Bioresonance therapy is useful for persons whose bodies have been overburdened with medicines and who are looking for effective and safe ways to rebalance their health.

There are no side effects to bioresonance therapy if the technology is used properly, taking into account contraindications.

DO NOT use this device if:

  • You've got a pacemaker implanted
  • You've undergone an organ transplant

BRT devices should be used with caution for diagnosis and treatment when dealing with the following pathological conditions:

  • Benign and malignant neoplasms
  • Violation of blood clotting
  • Acute disorders of cerebral and coronary circulation
  • Period of pregnancy (1st trimester)
  • Epilepsy
  • Individual intolerance to electromagnetic influence
  • Mental illness
  • Children under 1 year only under the supervision of a specialist

The main point about the bioresonance method

The bioresonance method is the technology of the future that improves and extends people's lives. Bioresonance stimulates the body's activity and restores the natural mechanisms of self-regulation. is the official representative of innovative products and portable bioresonance devices from Business Process Technologies.

Contact us to learn more about this technique and how it can help improve the health of you and your family..

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