Reviews about bioresonance therapy. My personal story and results.

I tested the effect of bioresonance on myself, and in this article, I honestly share my bioresonance therapy review and the results of its use.

Reviews about bioresonance therapy. My personal story and results.

bioresonance therapy reviews
I tested the effect of bioresonance on myself, and in this article, I honestly share my bioresonance therapy review and the results of its use.
A lot of controversy on the Internet can be found about bioresonance technologies. I tested the bioresoance devices on myself and on the people closest to me. In this article, I will honestly and openly share my personal review on bioresonance therapy and the results of its use.

Because each person's body is unique, as are health problems. Therefore, I decided to add reviews from users of WebWellness bioresonance therapy devices (which I myself have been using for many years) to the article.

Let's go.

Bioresonance therapy: my personal experience and results.

Five years ago, I learned about bioresonance therapy from a friend whose family completely cured her little brother of asthma many years ago. Since then, the whole family has completely abandoned drug treatment in favour of bioresonance therapy. The little brother was cured forever, and the family began to actively share with the world the successful experience of treatment through alternative medicine.

A friend told me how bioresonance devices help her to cope with problems with the gastrointestinal tract and, as a result, severe acne.

At that time, I was already actively interested in the topic of health and alternative medicine. The idea of using chemical pills to treat symptoms and specific problems has always seemed suspicious to me. Deep inside, I was sure that our body is a single whole and that it is necessary to fight the causes of diseases and not their consequences. Therefore, the topic of bioresonance quickly attracted my attention.
Having studied in more detail what bioresonance is, I decided to try and buy bioresonance therapy devices. I was eager to learn and understand the concept of the devices myself.

The choice fell on WebWellness devices. Because I have already heard a lot of positive feedback about bioresonance therapy and diagnostics. I was also pleasantly surprised by the functionality. Over 3000 free therapeutic complexes. Express body testing in just a minute. Clear, detailed reports. There was no other offer like it on the market. Soon I bought for myself and began to use them.

First results: no pain during menstruation

It was not difficult to master the operation of both bioresonance diagnostic and therapy devices. You just need to connect the device according to the instructions and press the start button. After that, all the results were collected and analysed in the application on the phone, and within a few minutes, I had a complete report in my hands.

At that moment, of all the problems, I was most worried about menstrual pain and candidiasis, which I could not cope with any pills for many years. I decided to start with them.

Soon I noticed the first results. Pain in the abdomen during the menstrual cycle subsided. It is important to say that I took 5-6 pain pills every month, despite my principle about pills. To date, several years have passed since the purchase of the device; since then, I have never taken painkillers. The device relieves my pain within a couple of hours of the first symptoms.

The Life Balance bioresonance therapy device that I use is light and compact, like a mobile phone. Therefore, I can always take it with me on a trip, to work, or on a walk.

Bioresonance therapy against parasites and fungi

Another problem that has bothered me for many years is candidiasis. At the slightest freezing, stress, or climate change, I immediately began to have thrush. Due to the long development of the disease, candidiasis has become chronic. In other words, after the use of suppositories and tablets, candidiasis always returned.

Bioresonance therapy devices gained their fame precisely because of their effectiveness in the non-pharmacological fight against parasites. For expample, my WebWellness device contains dozens of special complexes against various types of fungi, parasites, bacteria, and viruses. With the help of bioresonance scanning device (also known as the vega test), I was able to determine which programs would suit me and underwent an antiparasitic course of bioresonance therapy. Since then, candidiasis has not bothered me anymore.

Antiparasitic programs helped my husband too. There were chronic fermentation processes in his intestines, and he felt discomfort for several hours after each meal. He also underwent bioresonance testing and an antiparasitic course. And he also successfully coped with his problem. It's funny that we noticed it only after a while. The pain stopped bothering him, and we were able to calmly, embracing, watch a movie without his warnings - do not put your hands on my stomach or something like that.

It is true what they say that the best confirmation of health is when you do not think about it.

WebWellness Bioresonance Therapy Devices

Bioresonance from intestinal infections

By chance, we were one of the first to use antibacterial programs against intestinal infections.
On vacation, my husband suddenly became ill: temperature, bed rest, pain in the intestines, vomiting. We were in a tropical country in a remote area, making it very difficult to visit a doctor and access medicines. We were also very sorry to waste precious vacation days on sores.

The Life Balance device was with me for just such an occasion, and he brilliantly coped with the task. I supplied my husband with ready-made complexes of bioresonance therapy: programs against bacterial infections, antiseptic, and deep cleansing of the body. The device worked without interruption all day. Plus, of course, plenty of fluids. The husband felt relief within an hour, and the next day only weakness remained. There was no more fever, pain, or discomfort.

Fight against Influenza and SARS with the help of bioresonance

Flu and SARS are frequent guests in my family. But with the help of bioresonance, I learned how to quickly stop symptoms and get rid of the virus at the initial stage. At the first and most mild symptoms, I set up ready-made bioresonance therapy programs against ARVI or Influenza, and a cold never lasts more than one or two days since all bacteria die without having time to multiply.

Bioresonance against chronic diseases

At first, we worked with health problems that really bothered us on a daily basis. But soon, these problems ceased to torment us, and we mastered the Bioresonance devices so much that we decided to start the fight against chronic diseases.

To do this, we conducted bioresonance testing, and with the results, we turned to a certified doctor specialising in bioresonance therapy. The doctor drew up a treatment protocol for us, which took into account chronic diseases, weaknesses in organs and systems, viruses, helminths, and fungi living in the body.

Following this protocol, I used the device almost daily for 7-8 hours a day and have already completed my treatment. The process was lengthy and took more than 7 months. But the results are inspiring: radiant skin, bruises under the eyes have decreased, the immune system is strong, we don't get sick, we don't catch colds, we don't go to doctors, and we don't eat pills.

Isn't this the best indicator of health?

Bioresonance therapy reviews from
other WebWellness users

After purchasing the bioresonance devices, I got access to the closed community of WebWellness device users in Telegram. In the chat, people share their experiences and inspiring stories. It seemed important to me to share such stories in my review of bioresonance therapy.

Acne, acne, rosacea, dermatitis

Lyudmila Rykhlova told her story about acne and dermatitis:

"A few years ago, my face looked like this (photo attached in the chat. acne and red spots all over my face). I had a bunch of tests and received treatment from various specialists. Everything in my body was, like, normal. But nothing helped. I followed diets, fasted, worked with psychologists, and cleansed the intestines, liver, and much more. Checked hormones, gynecology, and donated blood for all parasites and mites. I had all kinds of diseases: acne, blackheads, rosacea, dermatitis, allergies, and staphylococcus aureus. Something improved for a while, but globally, the problem still remained.

Everyone told me that I would need to be treated for many years. I sobbed every day but continued to seek and believe. And I found. Long before I bought it, I knew and heard about bioresonance therapy, but it was expensive. Maybe I didn't believe it, maybe I didn't fully understand what it was, but after buying a home clinic, I cured my face in just a month."

Fungus. Mold

This review "came" from Irina from Barcelona, Spain.

" Friends, I want to share with you one of the latest results on the use of the Life Balance device. It is simply an extraordinary miracle, and I am very grateful to the developers for these technologies!

For several years my family and I lived in an apartment with a fungus. In Barcelona, this is a frequent occurrence due to dampness. They tried to remove it with different methods and, in the end, decided to leave there, as I began to choke, cough... In general, a very unpleasant story, but life is life!

I use the device not only in complexes but also in separate programs, such as general parasitic programs, fungi, respiratory tract, bronchospasm, and others.

A chic result that I want to share with you - when I start to cough not only because of my asthma but also with a cold, sore throat, or flu, I put on short programs (10 - 12 minutes) several times and immediately feel relieved, I breathe well, and I don't cough!

This is joy and happiness since now you do not need to use special sprays and other different methods and pharmaceutical products that you used to use before.

I love my devices (Life Expert Profi diagnostic device and LIFE BALANCE recovery device) and never part with them!

Life Balance is my assistant, lifeguard, fitness trainer, and home pocket doctor!
I recommend everyone to have it and use it! "

Atopic dermatitis

Ellen Ruth writes about her experience of dealing with neurodermatitis (also known as Atopic dermatitis. A chronic, dermatological disease)

" I want to share the result. My son is 16. From birth, he was diagnosed with neurodermatitis. In adolescence, everything became very aggravated. They changed doctors. Cortisone therapy did not help much. In the fall, they underwent light therapy in one of the best skin clinics in Germany, but the improvements were only temporary.

We have been using Life Balance devices for about a year. We tried a lot of things, including dietary supplements and various web wellness complexes. Recently, in one of the videos, Tatyana Kalashnikova (a doctor in the Telegram chat) advised me to cleanse the lymph for skin problems. I seized on this idea, like a drowning man on a wand, and made a complex for cleaning the lymph from the programmer for 3 hours. On the same advice from Tatiana, I began to turn on the regulation of the gastrointestinal tract more often. Been in therapy for a little over a month.

And, oh miracle! Usually, in winter, dry air aggravated the skin condition even more, but we had a miracle! All open frames on the face and body were tightened and disappeared without any creams. It used to be scary to look at the face and neck. Everything was inflamed, reddened, and flaky. And now, almost everything has cleared up, stopped inflaming, and brightened. I also put Antistress and sometimes therapeutic programs at night. It's such a blessing when children are healthy!

Health to you all! "

Purulent tonsillitis

Review from Sofia Suvorova about the fight against angina:

"A few days ago, my friend Sergey was called an ambulance because he had a fever, a sore throat, digestion, there were cramps in his stomach, and body aches appeared. The situation is not simple because Sergey has diabetes, and his sugar has risen above 20 units. Previously, he was diagnosed with purulent sore throat. They gave a no-shpu injection and prescribed some kind of antibiotic (it could have been dispensed with, but given the unpredictability of the diabetic organism, Sergey did not take risks and adhered to the doctor's prescriptions).

Because Sergey only has Life Balance 2.0 and does not have a home web clinic, we always manage with hand-made complexes, according to symptoms. I urgently made complexes for angina, gastrointestinal tract, and other possible complications. He put these complexes until the ambulance arrived the next day when they took PCR from him. The test confirmed covid, but the examination did NOT confirm the diagnosis made the day before - purulent tonsillitis (although the sore throat still persisted for several days). This means that we managed to stop this process in a day!

Sergei was told that he might have bronchitis. Having received new data from Sergey about his diagnoses, I sent complexes for covid and broncho-pulmonary diseases. On the third day, Sergei was taken for a CT scan. Today it was reported that the defeat of the lungs is only 1%!!! Isn't this a miracle for covid and diabetes?! All these days, he suffered a disease in a very mild form and is now rapidly on the mend. We used Life Balance blindly, without testing and autocomplexes."

COVID19 - Omicron

Feedback on bioresonance therapy from Natalia Kulagina, who used bioresonance against coronavirus:

"The result for Omicron itself is very fresh! I fell ill sharply on Saturday, January 29. Sharp sore throat, aching joints, temperature 37.5, then rose to 38.8. I put programs on covid, temperature, and detoxification, and by the evening, the temperature dropped to 37.3 C. I drank a lot of water and was starving. In the morning, as good as new, the temperature is normal at 36.6; my throat does not hurt, my head is clear without pain, and there is no runny nose! I still had a little weakness, and on the 3rd day, I already went out to the street. And a day later I went on a business trip! These are the miracles we have, according to the results with Life Balance 2.0 devices. "

Congenital dislocation of the right hip joint

"Good afternoon ... I'm not a doctor ... but my diagnosis was: "Congenital dislocation of the right hip joint" was operated on several times, the results wished for the best, since there were restrictions in movements after surgical interventions, in 2007 after falling again an operation was needed, they performed the operation "Total hip arthroplasty" since then I have had an endoprosthesis ... for almost 13 years, against the background of diabetes, the area of the prosthesis began to disturb, pain appeared, I began to walk less, for me to walk 50 meters is an insurmountable task ... well and I was more worried about the fear that if I fell down what would happen next, with sugar 10-21 mmol they don't take for an operation ...

Glory to the Almighty; I learned about these devices and have been using them for about 2 years. Sugar returned to normal. The endoprosthesis does not bother me; the cramps of the calf muscles have disappeared, the nerves have recovered, the gray hair is gone, the memory has improved, chronic fatigue has passed, I have become more enduring, and I walk up to 3000 m with joy. All the symptoms of joint disease have passed...I feel great...I wish everyone to get Life Balance."

Bioresonance agains Toothache

Story from a Life Balance user:

"Good afternoon! I want to share one more result. Everyone knows what a toothache is, and this phrase starts shaking. On the night of December 30, a tooth ached terribly under the crown; the pills helped relieve pain for 30 minutes and again torment. By morning, my cheek was blown from the mirror, and my strongly distorted reflection looked at me. I ran to the dentist, who cut the gum, did not touch the crown, and sent it home. I decided to use the device! The anti-pain program did not help much for some reason. Through the programmer, I downloaded everything that I found in the teeth: toothache, general tooth frequencies, toothache, tooth root inflammation. Added detox, lymph, and body cleansing.

The device was partially held directly near the edema and hung on a cord. After 15 minutes, I found that the pain subsided. And this is against the background of a mucosal incision and waste products from an anesthetic injection. At the end of the program, the tooth did not hurt for about an hour; then, it began to ache again. I put the same complex again; the pain went away quickly. This continued on December 30 and 31. However, New Year's Eve passed without pain! Then, for 5 days, she continued to make the complex, including putting it on at night.

Result: no need to remove the crown. Everything was treated, the doctor did not understand what happened, but the picture confirmed that everything was normal! In general, the device has inexhaustible possibilities for treatment and recovery! Convinced once again of this. Thank you, developers!!!!"

Summing up

The reviews about bioresonance therapy that you have read above are just a small part of the vast experience accumulated by hundreds of thousands of users of WebWellness bioresonance therapy devices worldwide.

At all times, people treated new methods and means of therapy with caution. Even the effectiveness of penicillin was initially accepted with hostility. But with each new positive review, faith in new technologies in the field of medicine is growing, and there are more and more followers. I have definitely made my choice, and I want as many people as possible to know what incredible opportunities bioresonance medicine opens up.

If you are interested in learning more about the bioresonance therapy technique and devices, I will be happy to answer questions and share my experience in its use, as well as select the right bioresonance therapy device and teach you how to use it.

Victoria Volchkova
Expert in bioresonance technologies.
Official representative of WebWellness.
"For more than 5 years, I have been actively studying and using bioresonance technologies. In my Bioresonance For Life project, I want to convey the benefits of a natural healing method using the future technologies - bioresonance-based medical devices."

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