Life Expert

With the help of Life Expert diagnosis device you have the opportunity to monitor the condition of your body every day: conducting express health scanning in the morning and evening,
to immediately create and apply an individual complex, that will protect you from viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, as well as to harmonize and restore your immunity system
This device is user friendly, it does not require any additional training, in fact it is designed for home use and is absolutely safe
How it works?
It measures 47 organs and body systems in one minute
It sends data to server to analysed by our own software
It compares your results with one million clinically proven diagnosis
It generates a detailed status health report with tailored programmes to your need
complex to apply
We recommend that you use Life Expert in combination with Life Balance device. This way, after the test, you can upload to your Life Balance device an individual complex based on the test result of your body, which will address your ailments
Life Expert features
  • Monitors the overall status and risk of major body systems
  • Identifies the affected organs and systems
  • Makes probabilistic diagnoses
  • Runs bioresonance allergy test on Food, cosmetics, drugs or vitamines
  • Compares your actual age with your biological age and indices the potential causes of such a gap as well as side effects.
  • Determines the possible existence of parasites in organs and body systems
  • Determines vitamin deficiency
  • Generates reports shaped as bar charts, spine diagram, aurogram o chakras charts for a better understanding of the results
  • Identifies heavy metals in the body
  • Radiation pressure diagnosis
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Purchase of any Life Expert Premium package includes 200 free tests
The cost of one test in Life Expert - 0.50 euros
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