Life Watch

Life Watch device is the most advance wearable technology in the world. It includes a system that connects to WebWellness cloud via mobile app., where all your health information is stored. This information can be read from Life Watch, as well as from Life Expert Profi.
What makes Life Watch different from other smart watches limited only to tracking physical parameters, is the fact that Life Watch automatically generates harmonising programmes to improve your wellbeing based on the data it generates.
A large amount of data generated from Life Watch is analysed in the cloud, thus, when minimal deviations from the norm are detected, a harmonizing program is created, which is transmitted from you mobile app to your bioresonance Watch
• heart rate
• body fatigue rate
• blood oxygen level
• emotional health
• quality of sleep
• number of steps
• heartbeat
• calorie burn rate
• standard of living

Life Watch helps to track, measure and harmonize your health parameters:
Additional features included in Life Watch
  • May recommend to move if you spent a lot of time sitting at your computer using its motion timer
  • keeps track of sleep phases and wakes you up at the end of your vegetative sleep
  • has an SOS button that allows parents or children to dial your number or send GPS coordinates when needed

  • will send you a signal in the case you go far away from your phone and help you find it by dialling your mobile

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Life Watch automatically generates harmonising programmes to improve your wellbeing based on the data it generates
Life Watch parameters (length: 4.7 cm, width: 4.2 cm, height: 1.5 cm)
Simple design, remote emitting antenna, and wide functionality (audio player, weather forecast, camera, voice recorder, phone, calculator, gallery and GPS)
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