Life Balance Contact

Has a therapeutic effect
Bright therapeutic effect in parasites
Influences pathogenic organisms
Cleanses the body of toxins
Restores the balance of organs and systems

bioresonance therapy device

Modern technologies for cleansing the body of parasites, preventing and correcting a wide range of chronic diseases in one compact Bioresonance Therapy device Life Balance Contact.

Life Balance Contact

In our store you can find Life Balance Contact bioresonance therapy device for sale at the manufacturer's price.

Bioresonance therapy device Life Balance Contact

Here is a unique device that contains the most advanced bioresonance technology and has no analogues in the world. Life Balance Contact combines endogenous and exogenous influences and the ability to program, allowing you to create the most personalized wellness complexes based on the body's frequencies. Thus, the device allows you to deal with the primary sources of diseases even more effectively and safely.
WebWellness therapeutic complexes have shown high efficiency in the fight against parasites, cleansing of toxins and toxins, as well as harmonizing the work of the whole organism. Bioresonance device Life Balance Contact is a personalized approach for treating the primary source of the problem. Technologies of the future that are available now!

The benefit of having a portable treatment device always at hand

An integrated approach to solving your health condition

Device for bioresonance therapy Life Balance Contact combines endogenous and exogenous effects. This allows the use of ready-made therapy programs and the creation of therapeutic complexes based on the body's vibrations. This method is the most optimal and safest for improving health.

Like other devices in the series, Life Balance Contact contains ready-made therapeutic programs, including the famous program of Hilda Clark. You can also download over 5000 programs from the WebWellness application and create individual complexes based on BRT testing. WebWellness devices are unparalleled in the world in terms of the number of therapeutic programs that allow you to target the primary sources of diseases.

In our store, you can buy a device for bioresonance therapy and receive lifelong support, individual advice on the use of devices for the individual needs of your body.

Effective in diseases:

Musculoskeletal system
Genitourinary system
Digestive system
Nervous system
Skin and subcutaneous tissue
Endocrine system
Cardio-vascular system
Respiratory system

Features of Life Balance Contact bioresonance therapy device

  • Endogenous Bioresonance Correction;
  • Hilda Clark frequency-based program;
  • 5,000 programs and complexes of therapy;
  • Therapeutic and antiparasitic programs;
  • Programs of regulation and harmonisation of organs and systems;
  • Program management through the application;
  • Annual updates of therapeutic complexes;
  • Simple and clear interface; no need to be a doctor;

  • Detailed instructions for users;
  • Supports 16 languages;

To learn more

How to choose the right program

Upon purchase, the device contains 6 universal basic programs, one Detox program, one programmable program, and 7 complexes from the "Basic complexes" section.

For best efficiency, each basic program has three identical cycles containing three steps.
In the first stage, an endogenous effect is produced. The device uses electrodes to read vibrations that occur in the body. Next, the signal is filtered, processed, and inverted. The processed vibrations are returned to the person. In the course of this action, a closed loop of adaptive control is formed. With each subsequent return of vibrations to the human body, there is a weakening or complete suppression of pathological frequencies and a gradual restoration of homeostasis (dynamic balance in the body). The parameters of electromagnetic exposure are determined by the person's state, which makes them as individualized as possible, and this method is the most optimal for improving the general condition of a person. The first stage lasts 3 minutes.
In the second stage, the device switches to the exogenous exposure mode, and one of the selected programs is performed for 7 minutes:
  1. The first program is "Hilda Clark Universal Program";
  2. The second program is "Universal antifungal";
  3. The third program is "Universal Antiprotozoa" (Suppression of Protozoa);
  4. The fourth program is "Universal Anti-Virus";
  5. The fifth program - "Universal antibacterial";
  6. The sixth program is "Universal anthelmintic".
In the third stage, the device enters the 20-minute pause mode.

Like other devices in the series, Life Balance Contact is controlled through the WebWellness application, from which you can download more than 5000 ready-made programs and create individual therapeutic complexes based on the results of BRT testing using Life Expert series devices.

The device is not a medical product, meaning you can use it at home for prevention.
Using Life Balance Contact is easy.

Understanding & using Life Balance Contact is easy

The bioresonance therapy device Life Balance Contacts is simple and straightforward to operate. You don't need to be a doctor to begin using the device. Turn on the appliance and select the desired program from the menu. On-screen instructions will guide you and easily show you what to do. Select the desire health program, press the start button, hang the device around your neck and continue with your daily activities.
You can select programs manually based on your health data (i.e. from your Life Expert diagnostic report). To maximise the device impact on your health, we recommend you to combine Life Balance Contacts with vegatester Life Expert Profi. Life Expert Profi runs a comprehensive examination of the body and accurately detects disorders of organs and systems, the presence of pathogens and parasites. Based on the test results, WebWellness program Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques generate a tailored therapeutic complex for Life Balance Contact device. Thus, these personalised complexes allow you to accurately target diseases and health disorders, without harm to other organs and systems.

How to use your device

How to choose the right program

  • Don't worry if you have questions. Each device includes a detailed instruction manual for the operation of the device and the selection of suitable programs.
  • We provide training on how to use the device
  • Upon purchase, you get access to a closed community of WebWellness device users
  • We provide all customers with support and individual advice on using the devices.
  • You can sign up for a consultation with the doctor of our company, which will help you make the right diagnosis and choose the best program for therapy.

Support and training

Find Instructions for using the bioresonance device Life Balance Contact

  • Device for regulation of natural biosystems Life Balance Contact
  • Wristbands - electrodes for therapy
  • Power supply and USB cable
  • Cases for the device
  • Certificate / Manual in English and Russian
  • Branded box of the device

Complete set of the device of bioresonance therapy device Life Balance Contact

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