Life Expert 3.0

The most modern technologies of bioresonance diagnostics in the new generation Vega testing machine from WebWellness. Computer testing of 47 organs and systems, evaluation of results using artificial intelligence WebWellness, compilation of individual therapy complexes in a compact modern device. A unique system for extending the life of people with endless possibilities. In our store you can be the first to find Vega machine
Life Expert Profi 3.0 for sale at manufacturer price.

Innovative Vega Testing Machine


Life Expert Profi 3.0

A new generation of Life Expert vega machines to extend people's lives

Life Expert Profi 3.0 is a vega machine with artificial intelligence WebWellness, which performs bioresonance diagnostics of the body, has improved functionality and a modern minimalist design.

The device allows for diagnosing the body, determining the functional state of 47 organs and systems, as well as the causes of the disease and the location of the pathological process. The WebWellness program analyzes and visualizes the received data simply and understandably. It also draws up individual therapy programs, which allow you to target the primary source of diseases. The new vega test machine Life Expert Profi 3.0 performs bioresonance diagnostics in just 20 seconds.

Bioresonance testing with Life Expert Profi 3.0 allows you to find out the biological age and aging factors, perform chakra diagnostics, as well as spine diagnostics.

The device can determine the water balance, the lack of macro and microelements, the degree of slagging of the body, the sources of allergic reactions, the presence of viruses and parasites, psychosomatic and toxic loads. Vega test makes it possible to detect pathological processes in the body, even at the preclinical stage, and select the appropriate drugs.

The most advanced diagnostic technologies in vega test
Life Expert Profi 3.0

Life Expert Profi 3.0 is a powerful diagnostic tool. It combines the methods of traditional and non-traditional therapy and allows you to create unique treatment and diagnostic complexes of the completed cycle - diagnosis, treatment, control, and prognosis.

Vega test allows the assessment of metabolic and regulatory processes in the body, making it possible to determine the current functional state of both individual and entire groups of organs. Life Expert Profi 3.0 helps predict disease risks, individual selection of phyto- and homeopathic medicines, and possible ways to restore the body.

This is a real assistant for family doctors, reflexologists, rehabilitation therapists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, homeopaths, physiotherapists, cosmetologists, and sports medicine specialists.

The vega device Life Expert Profi 3.0 was created not only for professional doctors. Available functionality for ordinary users allows you to test the state of the body at home, record changes, monitor the effectiveness of any treatment, calculate the body mass index, give recommendations on the water balance in the body, as well as compose individual therapeutic complexes, select food and drugs for treatment.

Study reports have a simple and clear look and contain detailed explanations. The WebWellness system is a huge knowledge base that will help users keep abreast of their health.

For doctors

For ordinary users

The most advanced diagnostic technologies in vega test Life Expert Profi 3.0

Features Life Expert Profi 3.0 device

  • Selector diagnostics and APK database with more than 36,000 markers for testing;
  • Control of water balance in the body
  • Identification of diseases at early preclinical stages;
  • Testing the body for the presence of fungi, parasites, and toxins;
  • Self-improvement mechanism based on a neural network system for selecting the best results for restoring health.
  • Has built-in modules for doctors
  • Most of the functions are available to ordinary users.
  • New board for further device improvements
  • 3x performance and speed
  • Vegetative resonance testing (VRT)
  • Voll diagnostics;
  • Selection of dietary products and drug testing;
  • Electropuncture diagnostics;
  • Compilation of complexes for BRT devices based on the results of testing; Macro and microelements;

Vega testing with Life Expert Profi 3.0 is easy

Vega test use

Upon purchase, you will receive detailed instructions; after studying, you can easily master the work with the vega testing machine Life Expert Profi 3.0 and the WebWellness program.
«ioresonance diagnostics on Life Expert Profi 3.0 contains a few simple steps.

  • Install the WebWellness program on your computer and register. The program will guide you through every step.
  • Connect the Life Expert device to the computer. Install the electrodes on the head, legs, and arms according to the instructions
  • On the computer, select the desired test type and run it

Ready! Within 20 seconds, WebWellness artificial intelligence will process the data and issue a detailed report on the state of your body. You can view the results in your personal account and choose an individual wellness program.

Diagnostics and therapy

«ased on the results of the Vega test, the WebWellness program creates individual treatment complexes, which are implemented using bioresonance therapy devices Life Balance series. The complex of devices Life Expert Profi 3.0 and Life Balance is a modern home clinic that is always at hand.

Support and training

If you have any questions while using Life Expert Profi 3.0 device, we are always happy to help. Upon purchase, you receive detailed instructions and access to a closed community of WebWellness users. Also, individual consultations are available for the company's clients. We will help you to correctly diagnose, select the best programs for therapy and use the device to the maximum.

Life Expert Profi 3.0 set includes

  • The device for vega testing and adjusting natural biosystems -1 pc;
  • Head electrodes with wire - 1 pc;
  • Foot electrodes - clips - 2 pcs;
  • Manual electrode clips - 2 pcs;
  • USB cable for connecting the complex to a computer - 1 pc;
  • Instruction in Russian and English - 2 pcs;
The probe for carrying out the Vega test and diagnostics according to Voll is not included in the basic kit
Would you like to get support from a doctor? One of our naturopathic doctors may assist you with the analysis of the vega test results, the selection of a personalised treatment and its follow-up.

Frequently asked questions:

Vegatester Life Expert Profi 3.0 has more features and functions than Life Expert Perofi Plus device. In addition to people without medical education, it can also be used by doctors of holistic, alternative and preventive medicine, naturopaths, osteopaths, nutritionists.
Vegatester Life Expert Profi 3.0 has more features and functions than Life Expert Perofi Plus device. In addition to people without medical education, it can also be used by doctors of holistic, alternative and preventive medicine, naturopaths, osteopaths, nutritionists.
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